Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You can follow over to my new blog. Please? :)

Now that I've officially moved my graphics goodies to my new blog, I realized that maybe you don't know how to follow a blog that's not on blogger.

If you like the Follow feature in blogger, you can use that too!  Here's how you do it.
UPDATE!  The below method still works, but you can also just go to my blog at the bottom here and join the same way you do with a blogger blog!
You can click the pictures to biggify them so they're easier to read :)

Sign in at Blogger.com. On your dashboard (that screen you get once you sign in)
go near the bottom of the page below Reading List.
Click ADD

Type in http://georgetheduck.com and click NEXT.

Choose whether to follow publicly or anonymously. Then click FOLLOW.
All done!

Please visit me at GeorgeTheDuck.com  I don't want to lose my graphics friends because my Typist is too lazy to type 2 blogs up for me.

Thank you!

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